Sky O2

Every now and then we are involved with something out of the ordinary and this scheme was one of those of occasions.

Project Introduction

In collaboration with the design team at Paneltec Services Ltd, we were tasked with re-creating the well-known Sky logo to be installed at the broadcaster’s interactive and virtual reality experience located at the O2 building.

Along with the manufacture of the signage, AMS produced all the decorative surrounds and interfaces.

The key to re-creating this iconic signage was to ensure each part of the overall shape was in correct proportion.

Our expert welding team were then able to seamlessly join the parts together to give the impression of one large element rather than various contingent parts.

This was no mean feat as the sign primarily comprises of a brushed stainless steel box structure. This structure was then infilled with LED screens that are illuminated for full effect.

With Sky being a globally recognisable brand we knew that any variation in shape and size would potentially be noticeable and so attention to detail was paramount. Through our skill and diligence we achieved a perfect end result.

The attraction is now open to the public and showcases our versatility in the range of work we can offer.