The government has recently issued updates to its Building Safety Programme, potentially widening the scope of prohibitive measures with regards to the use of combustible materials.

The latest proposals include the creation of new bodies and posts aimed at accelerating the pace of any necessary remedial works.

Whilst any government led actions in this regard is very much welcome, we AMS know that for some building owners, contractors and the wider construction family, there is still a lack of clarity to certain issues with regards to compliance.

When it comes to considering the external envelope of a building, new build or refurbishment, our technical team can assist with design, advising on how to mitigate your risk and help you achieve full compliance.

We have systems that have recently been and are also currently being used on projects to replace non-compliant envelope elements with compliant solutions.

We appreciate that every project is different, comes with its own unique nuances and set of requirements and that’s where AMS can really help. We have a wide range of solutions that can cover a wider range of scenarios, offering straight forward answers and peace of mind.

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