Following recent tragic events the need for building systems that hold up to scrutiny is ever more apparent. At AMS we have therefore invested significant resources on meeting the demands of both the environments and industries in which we operate.

It goes without saying that one of the major issues currently facing construction is that of the performance of building products in relation to fire.

In line with our ongoing R&D programme, we have recently completed a successful fire test on one of our rainscreen systems at the British Research Establishment.

The system was tested to BS 8414-2 to achieve compliance to BR 135.

The video footage shows how the system performed during the test and how it ultimately achieved compliance with BR135.

Download the full descriptive report of the test produced by BRE which validates the results.

Latest news

The government has recently issued updates to its Building Safety Programme, potentially widening the scope of prohibitive measures with regards to the use of combustible materials. See here for details.

Fire testing station under construction

The completed fire testing station

The station after testing