Kittiwake House, a residential block in central Slough with in excess of 70 separate dwellings, was deemed to be clad in non-compliant cladding panels.

On the back of their successful contribution to similar schemes such as Lyme Grove, AMS were once again requested to provide a compliant, cost effective and fast solution to this common problem.

As with Lyme Grove the clients requirements were to replace the existing cladding with a virtual “like for like” cladding system, offering an almost identical appearance to mitigate any issues with local planners.

AMS’s capability in offering this seamless solution appealed to the client and so we set about developing the new system for manufacture and delivery to site.

The site works began in December 2020 and with over 1,300m² of new cladding to produce, we are proud to say that in just under 4 months the re-cladding works are nearly complete.

The key the success of this scheme was to keep things simple – provide a solution that would be subtle to the point that after a while people would not even realise any re-cladding works had taken place.

The building before replacement cladding was applied.