Lightweight and endlessly recyclable, aluminium cladding is also highly durable and flexible. Sheets are available in different grades and thicknesses to meet even the most onerous applications.

Finishes that further improve their aesthetics and help with weather resistance to marine grade level include polyester powder coating, pre-painting and anodising. Aluminium panels can be fully welded using TIG or MIG welding stations.

Materials - Aluminium


Increasingly popular as an architectural cladding, for rainscreen, interlocking panels and shingles, copper is strong, durable and versatile. The classic copper colour gradually developers an unmistakeable green patina which protects the material, resulting in low maintenance.

Our copper composite combines this attractive natural finish with the superior flatness of a composite. This is produced by two sheets either side of a core material to provide the ultra-flat surface.

Materials - Copper


Widely used on both new-build and refurbishment projects, due to its longevity and corrosion resistance, zinc is not reliant on a coating or surface finish which may require re-applying is and therefore low maintenance. Add to that AMS is a VM Zinc Approved Fabricator and you have all bases covered. This material is available:

NaturalA shiny, metallic appearance that gradually develops a patina.
QuartzThe appearance and texture of this zinc variant remains constant, and even when it is scratched, it will self-heal.
AnthraFeatures a visible grain that matches the colour of natural slate.
AzengarEngraved zinc with a matt, hertegenous and light aspect.
PigmentoThis unique variant features the texture of quartz and is available in a choice of four colours – blue, green, brown and red – for ultimate design flexibility.

Like our copper composites, zinc composite combine these attractive natural finishes with the superior flatness of a composite. This is produced by two sheets of either side of a core material to provide the ultra-flat surface.

Materials - Zinc

Stainless Steel

Considered by many to be the ultimate building fabric material, stainless steel is superbly strong and weather and corrosion resistant. Widely used as a cladding material, both external and internally, a wide range of material is available in different thicknesses, grades and finishes, including:

  • Patterns
  • Textured and non-textured surfaces
  • Cold-rolled finishes including 2WL, 5WL, 5-SM, 6WL, 6OM and 7GM
  • Linen
  • Squares
  • Treadplate template
  • Coloured stainless steel
  • Vibration polishes
  • Bead blast finishes and etched
  • Speciality surfaces including polished or distorted surface effects
Materials - Stainless Steel

Galvanised steel

These steel sheets are produced by hot dipping steel into a bath of molten zinc to provide a protecting coating. These sheets are available in a range of thicknesses and in a variety of sheet sizes for ultimate design flexibility.

Versatile enough for a wide range of applications, they are available with support frames and rainwater systems.

Materials - Galvanised Steel


Plastisol sheets comprise coated galvanised steel or zinc sheets as a particularly cost-effective solution to a range of applications, from flashings and profiles to formed sheets and wall and roof claddings.

A wide range of colours is complemented by finishes including leather embossed textures.

Materials - Platisol


Corten steel is inherently strong, with a self-protecting layer of rust which oxidises to slow the process of corrosion. This material is supplied mill-finished which gradually wears to a natural brown finish.

Materials - Corten Steel


A versatile alloy that consists of copper and zinc, may also include other elements, such as aluminium.

Its improved cold forming properties and its resemblance to gold, Brass could therefore provide an extra aesthetical depth to both the external and internal appearance of a building.

Due to its copper content once exposed to the elements, it also develops a patina over time. Its high corrosion resistance and durability makes it an ideal facade sheet material.

Materials - Brass