Latest News

Over the last 6 months AMS has been upgrading its manufacturing capabilities to meet the demand for Architectural metal finishes and systems.

All the while we have been continuing to provide our bespoke solutions to our loyal customer base and beyond.

Even in these most financially challenging of times, we maintain the highest quality of design, craftsmanship and compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Our work is spread across many sectors, some traditional, some innovative and some where old and new connect.

Our wide-ranging capability, along with our expertise and ability to adapt to bespoke requirements have made AMS an ideal “one-stop shop” partner for many of our customers.

Our latest Case Studies highlight the eclectic and bespoke nature of our manufacturing outputs and our broad customer base.

From concept to construction, we continue to offer simple, clean, cost-effective solutions based on expertise, knowledge, and experience.