Columns & casings

Available for a building’s interior as well as its exterior, these can be supplied bespoke with pre-manufactured sub-frames to support them.

Shapes ranging from circular and semi-circular through square and rectangular to elliptical profiles are available to decoratively disguise structural upright supports.

Materials include aluminium and stainless or corten steel and these can be manufactured with a plain or perforated surface for additional effect.

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Feature channels

A building’s facade, whether it is clad in a rainscreen system or brickwork, often requires extra detailing.

Feature channels in a range of materials and finishes, and either pressed or extruded, can be used to break up a façade and to express elements such as floor slabs and columns. They can even mimic steel beams within curtain walling, rainscreen or brickwork.

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Like soffits and fascias help “finish” a roof, metal skirtings can help “finish” a building to the ground. Design detail aside, they can also conceal fixings and serices.

Internal and external corners can be formed to bespoke requirements. In a range of materials and finishes including aluminium and stainless and corten steel.

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Contemporary landscaping or hardscaping designs often include strategic use of planters that can not only bring nature to a building’s exterior but also artwork.

Bespoke metal planters and pots can be fabricated to individual specifications, measurements and requirements. In materials that include galvanised, stainless and corten steel and zinc. Polyester powder coating enables an endless variety of colours to be achieved.

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Internal linings

The same architectural licence used by designers to showcase the external linings of their schemes can be applied in the same way for internal spaces.

AMS can offer products ranging from bespoke wall linings to full suspended ceiling systems.

We can create an aspiring alternative to the commonly seen bland white painted internal linings.

Applying the same principles as external elements, we can offer design development on a wide range of internal decorative solutions that provide opportunity for creativity in design.

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