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Rainscreen cladding systems

This increasingly popular method of cladding a new building or over-cladding a refurbished building combines form with function, using systems ranging from simple shingles to large-format panels.

Facade systems

The facade of a building is its “public” face and like a human face, many elements go into making it a priority for pavement appeal. Even the smallest detail can make or break its overall look and charm.

Architectural features

The devil is in the detail. That final touch, although sometimes minute, can make all the difference to the aesthetic of a building envelope. Columns, casings and channels can fine tune a facade and planters help with pavement appeal.

Rainwater systems

AMS rainwater systems are available in a range of materials including aluminium, zinc or galvanised steel. Systems include downpipes, hoppers, associated bracketry and shoes, and gutters which can be joggle or butt-jointed.

Glazing products

Glazing remains an increasingly popular method of bringing a multitude of benefits to the envelope of a building. Whether it’s just providing access to natural daylight and ventilation or used as an alternative form of cladding, appropriate detailing is key to ensure it performs as well as it looks.

Roofing products

As much as the facade, the roof of a building is one of the most vulnerable elements and is often one of the first to suffer from the weather and environment.